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Why we should aim to profit from our photos?

Why we should aim to profit from our photos?

Oct 21 2013

For most of us who love photography as a hobby, there comes a point when friends tell us that we should do it for a living. Chances are the uncomfortable feeling of self-doubt, then comes a turning point when we think of developing our skills and confidence to a level that we feel its the next step. Unfortunately, for some it can be a long journey to actually making photography a full time living especially if we go about it the wrong way. But, doing it the right way, we will surely find out that we can earn and learn along the way. I'm sure everyone will agree that there's nothing more appealing or motivating than the thought of being able to do what you love and be paid well for the privilege, some refer to it as "living the dream".

The Oveseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society (OPPPS) in Dubai has been here in UAE to help our compatriots reach that goal, OPPPS have gone to great lengths to ensure that they provide the first step helping to fulfill the reality of that dream. Participants to OPPPS training programs will have the necessary information needed for a strong start in a competitive industry. Over the past ten years, many known freelance photographers in UAE started with OPPPS from taking the Basic Digital Photography course to Post Processing and by becoming a member, they avail the advanced training programs like Studio Portrait Photography, Product Photography, Fashion Photography and Photo Journalism among others.

So, to my fellow Filipino compatriots, don't lose sight of the real reason you're trying these new ventures: your LOVE OF PHOTOGRAPHY and the satisfaction of people liking your work enough to pay for it. Join OPPPS Digital Photography and Post Processing training courses starting this Friday, October 25 at Yassat Gloria Hotel. You may register online at or you may go there at the venue before your chosen schedule of classes. Just click the link for more info. You may also visit OPPPS FB page at to learn more about the group's activities. Good luck!

A food photographer in Dubai can earn at least AED 250 to AED 500 or more per menu item depending on the quantity and the complexity of the photo shoot.

An Event Photographer can earn at least AED 1500 for a 2-3 hour event coverage in UAE

A Corporate Photographer can earn at least AED 1,500 for a two hour photo session in Dubai

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