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Photography Services

Milo Torres
is skilled, trained, educated and dedicated to the art of photography and creating the best photographic memories possible for any events or projects.


Milo Torres is currently based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is available for any assignment; from Dubai, he has easy access to any of the Emirates, and neighboring GCC countries as well as Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Milo Torres is particularly interested in Industrial, Corporate, Interiors, Commercial and documentary photography.

Milo Torres shoots on assignment for Leo Burnette, Alpha Media, Mira Concept, Grafdom and University of Wollongong in Dubai, among others. His other clients include organizations such as Dubai Duty Free, Air France/KLM, EMAAR, Taaleem (group of schools), Waagner Biro, ACWA Power and numerous SMEs.


He studied photography at Filipino Workers Resource Center in Dubai on 1997 and help established the first Filipino Photography group “STILL”. Later in 2003, he joined professional photographers and founded “OPPPS” – Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society

He also worked as adjunct professor at Amity University in Dubai International Academic City covering subjects in photography in MBA PR & Events Management from October 2014 and Adobe Photoshop in Architecture & Interior Design courses since February 2015. He also handled Graphic Design on November 2016 to Journalism and Mass Communication courses. 



Why Hire a Professional Photographer?


The answer is simple:  VALUE

Whenever we make a purchase, we consider the “value” we receive. It’s no different when hiring a professional photographer. Unfortunately, not many people readily understand the value of hiring a professional photographer. Below we provide some insight into the value a professional photographer brings.


Interest in You

A professional photographer will spend time getting to know their subject(s), their preferences, needs and special requests. Professional photographer brings the knowledge, experience and capability to capture and craft images in the manner and style the client prefer. Whether traditional or photojournalistic, a professional photographer works with client’s desires in mind. A professional photographer helps the client establish his or her “assignment” so he/she can focus on making the memories.


Artistic Vision

A professional photographer brings an artistic eye to the situation. He focused not only on the subject but also to the background, the lighting, the composition, the depth of field and a host of other elements that not everyone can “see” when crafting an image. Artistic vision and the ability to “see” the image helps a photographer craft memorable images vs. snapshots. 


High End Equipment

A professional photographer uses hi-end digital SLR equipment and most importantly, knows how to use it. Today’s professional equipment has multiple and complex functions that allow a photographer to manipulate focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field to compliment almost any subject. It also allows the capture of crisp and sharp photographs in low light, with little to no image degradation.


Understanding of Lighting

A professional photographer understands and knows how to capture natural looking images in any kind of light. Whether in the studio or outdoor or low light situation, a professional photographer knows how to add the right amount of direct, bounce or supplemental lighting to fill the scene, compliment the subject and maintain a natural looking image. A professional photographer won’t fall prey to blurred or severely under or over exposed images.


Post Processing Software

A professional photographer will utilize high end post processing software that allows him or her to effectively correct color, adjust exposure, manipulate hue, saturation, lens distortion and edit images for a professional look.


Custom Printing

A professional photographer focuses on capturing high quality images and the objective thereafter is to preserve these images for high quality printing. Professional photographers will bypass the low cost volume “snapshot” printing providers and work with a custom lab that will help assure the delivery of only the finest images. 


Professional photographers bring value in other ways too. These are just a few examples. While it does cost more to hire a professional photographer vs. a friend or relative with a digital camera, professional photographers bring far greater value and quality to the end product. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for” and paying for a professional photographer will bring you custom crafted images you’ll be proud to display and share for years to come.