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Video Marketing, Now An Important Strategy In Any Business

Video Marketing, Now An Important Strategy In Any Business

Jan 29 2021

Both consumers and brands alike are using social media platforms to consume and create videos at a wobbling rate. According to Cisco's Internet Report, a million minutes of video will be moving across the internet every second by 2021. So if your brand doesn’t start incorporating video in some way, your business will be left behind.

Video Marketing Trends 

Email marketing came about when email exploded as a feature within the daily lives of most internet users. The same thing is now happening with video marketing. There is a good chance that your competitors already have a video marketing component in their social media strategy. Giving the consumer what they want is an essential part of any marketing campaign, and today’s consumer wants video.

Video Provides a Higher Return Of Investment 

Given the popularity of video among the average user, brands are getting higher ROI out of their video marketing strategy than other strategies in their marketing campaign. The following prove why video is essential for social media marketing:

  • 90 percent of users have found a product video useful in making a purchase
  • Video can increase landing page conversions by up to 80 percent
  • 64 Percent of Consumers Purchase After Watching Branded Social Video Content
  • Marketers rated themselves confident or very confident in creating videos that’ll drive views, engagement, and purchases on the following platforms: Facebook (87%/86%/83%), YouTube (84%/81%/79%), Twitter (72%/73%/70%), and Instagram (69%/72%/67%).

Many companies use videos to explain features and benefits of their products or services. Rather than depending on a salesperson to get this information in-store, users get it directly from the company instantly. Most consumers today compare brands and products before making a purchase. Giving as much information to the consumer, in easy to consume packaging like videos seems like a no-brainer.

Most social media sites—YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram—offer brands the option to ‘go live.’ Live Streaming is revolutionizing the way we create and consume content. All platforms allow brands and consumers to engage in real time, and creators can’t edit out mistakes. This vulnerability goes a long way in establishing trust with the consumer.

Brands are also able to give a behind-the-scenes look to consumers, creating relationships like never before.

Start making videos NOW

Now that you understand why video marketing is essential for social media strategy, start making videos now. Milo Torres Video Production can provide professional services in digital imaging, still and video photography in support to content creation in any media campaign. We have the skills, talent and equipment from shooting to editing. We do private or commercial work, product shooting, interiors, weddings, anniversaries, events, exhibitions and other related works.

We also do Corporate Events Video Coverage like seminars, workshops, team building, exhibition, product launching, anniversary, awarding and similar events. We can also set-up professional video camera for LIVE FEED to any presentation, LED screen, live online broadcasting or webcasting and the likes.

Here's one example of a cleaning company demo video that we have produced on July 2017 and generates 340K views as of Sep 2023.

Below are some of our sample showreels in Iron/Metal/Steel Industries

Here's one example of our Corporate Event Coverage Highlights

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