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Food Photography for Food Delivery Aggregators

May 07 2023
Food Photography for Food Delivery Aggregators
Recently I have done lots of food photography for Food Delivery Aggregators like Talabat, Noon, Deliveroo, etc. and I would like to share here in this Blog post how I normally do the shots for the menu. The style for this type of food photography is to make it simple, unnecessary garnishing or addition of paraphernalia for the purpose of styling is minimized in this type of food photography.

Boodle Fight @ Little Manila Restaurant

Jan 30 2016
Boodle Fight @ Little Manila Restaurant

Boodle fight is a Philippine military tradition that you should try with your family and friends. The mechanics are simple – hot and fresh food is placed in a long table on top of banana leaves and your mission is to try to eat as much of it as you can using only your bare hands. Once the table is set, all you need to do is wash your hands, stand on side of the table and when the signal to start eating is given, everyone begins to battle it out. 

Looking to impress on Valentine’s Day?

Jan 26 2016
Looking to impress on Valentine’s Day?
Whether it’s faithful white table cloths and gourmet plates, or quirky gastronomy and jaw-dropping dining rooms, Little Manila restaurant guaranteed to earn some serious Fairy points. It is modeled while keeping in mind the core essence of a complete Filipino dining experience. An experience that orbits purely around culinary delights and flaunting aroma, all fused by a sole purpose – to share happiness with friends, family and loved ones the “Filipino way” and to make memories to cherish for years to come because at the end “Atin Ito” (It’s Ours).